About Andisa Capital

At Andisa Capital, we generate optimal value for our clients by providing an integrated solution for managing their treasury environment, and a unique platform for understanding and managing their financial market risk. The company provides the full spectrum of treasury services across all financial markets, working closely with our clients to achieve their primary treasury objectives of:

  • safeguarding liquidity
  • identifying, quantifying and managing market risks
  • ensuring adherence to governance structures and treasury best practice

Our history

Since its inception, the business has operated independently, transacting with all major banks on behalf of its South African and international clients.

1998: Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group, operating as
Standard Risk and Treasury Management Services (Pty) Ltd (“SRTMS”)
(Standard Bank: 100%)
2003: Partnership established with a broad-based black economic empowerment consortium and Standard Bank Group, resulting in a diversified financial services company, Andisa Capital. (Standard Bank 49%, BEE 51%)
2005: Shareholding restructured in line with longer term strategy
(Standard Bank 20%, Safika Holdings 55%, Management Trust 25%)
2011: Management buy-out
(100% shareholding by management)

Our values

Every employee lives our values of integrity, transparency and respect that infiltrates into our client relationships. At Andisa Capital, we stand for:

  • being unashamedly African
  • employing people with vision
  • uncompromising brilliance
  • sustainable growth
  • partnering success
  • open and honest business partnerships
  • transparent business dealings
  • understanding how Africa should work
  • commitment to empowerment and sustainability
  • finding new ways to meet new expectations