Treasury services

Our approach to integrated financial services enables clients to use our services as a full suite, or parts thereof. As an independent institution, Andisa Capital acts as agent on behalf of our clients, not as principal.

Our professional, confidential and integrated services recognise and respect our clients' existing banking relationships. Each transaction is made with active interest; maximising opportunities while maintaining stringent risk control to produce the desired outcome.

Scope of services

Why outsource treasury services?

Andisa Capital's integrated, outsourced treasury services are offered as part of a comprehensive package or in response to specific niche requirements that deliver cost and efficiency benefits to our clients:

  • Cost reduction and savings on resources
  • Effective treasury function supported by a wider pool of treasury experts
  • Access to sophisticated solutions
  • Improved pricing due to economies of scale and leveraging off the cumulative volumes from our client base
  • Continuity of operations via our backup and disaster recovery plan for staff and systems
  • Mitigation of key man dependency
  • Address skills shortage and staff retention issues
  • Relationship is contractually governed by a Service Level Agreement

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