Deal execution

Andisa Capital's deal execution is client specific and is guided by each individual client's treasury policy, taking into account amongst other - bank counterparts, investment guidelines, borrowing facilities, etc. Obtaining competitive rates goes hand in hand with our clients' liquidity requirements and market conditions, with sensitivity to clients' strategic business objectives and existing client / bank relationships. Andisa Capital always acts as agent on behalf of its clients, and never as principal.

Deal execution covers

  • Commodities (financial and physical settlement)
  • Foreign exchange
  • Debt and investment management

  • Market intelligence
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Professional execution
  • Improved returns on cash investments
  • Optimal structuring of borrowings
  • Management of counterparty credit risk
  • Assisting clients to review facility terms for fairness
  • System provides for decentralised as well as centralised client models
  • Analysis of topical issues and trends
  • Voice recording

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