Cash and liquidity management

The optimum management of borrowings and surplus funds is a critical treasury function. Andisa Capital therefore aims to structure both borrowing and investments in the most optimal way in accordance with the client's liquidity requirements and treasury policy. The key requirements for effective cash management are as follows:

Cash flow forecast

  • A cashflow forecast is vital to outline the parameters within which cash management can take place. Andisa Capital's close proximity to its clients ensures that we understand their ongoing cash requirements.
  • Continuous variance monitoring (actual vs. forecast) is provided. This informs the required adjustments while highlighting the impact inaccurate forecasting.

Investment policy

Andisa Capital assists in the development of an Investment policy, covering approved counterparties as well as appropriate investment limits per counterparty, approved instrument types and permissible portfolio duration

Funding policy

Andisa Capital assists in the development of a funding policy ensuring adequate committed borrowing facilities as well as an appropriate balance between short- and long-term debt.

  • Market intelligence
  • Competitive market pricing, rate comparisons
  • Improved returns on investments by applying appropriate instruments mix and optimal duration (e.g. combination of call, fixed deposit and money market investments)
  • Management of counterparty credit risk
  • Achieving a good balance between liquidity, security of funds and yield

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